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Support and Services at Home (SASH)

RuralEdge not only provides homes, but also strives to provide the environment and support that residents need to sustain their home.

The concept behind Support and Services at Home (SASH) is to increase resident stability, choice, and health, while reducing medical and related care expenses. We do this by merging community based long term care and supportive services with affordable senior housing.

In 2010, the average annual cost for nursing home care was almost $75,000, and over $39,000 for assisted living facility care.

SASH is not only cost effective, but provides an enhanced opportunity for residents to age in place with dignity, and enjoy an enhanced, wrap-around independent living experience. The resident is no longer alone; she has access to a self-directed and coordinated system of family, friends, housing, community, and health related providers.


  • Establishes trusting, supportive relationships with residents that builds upon their current support systems and enhances their opportunities for care and stability in the coming years.
  • Builds relationships with elder care professionals that will lead to formal partnerships in the SASH program.
  • Develops and collaborates with a team of volunteers that will provide services and activities for seniors in the program.
  • Coordinates electronic health records
  • Brings services to seniors at all income levels and health stages.
  • Applies evidence based practices in a Community Healthy Aging Program.

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Questions About S.A.S.H.
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