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Interested in renting from RuralEdge?

RuralEdge has many affordable rental options throughout the region. We offer both subsidized and affordable rentals for all ages.

The first step in finding housing with RuralEdge is to submit an application. You may download an application from our website, call our office to request an application or pick up an application at either of our office locations. Please note, if you are downloading an application from our website it will need to be physically signed by all adult members of your household. Regulations restrict us from accepting electronic signatures.

When completing an application, it is very important not to leave any questions blank as we will need to send the application back to you to be completed. This will delay your application. The application will need to be signed by all adult household members. As mandated by the government, RuralEdge is required to have a copy of social security cards for everyone who will be living in the household. Please be sure to include copies of the social security cards, or we will not be able to process your application. Once completed, applications can be faxed, mailed or dropped off at any of our office locations.

Once your paperwork has been submitted, our Compliance Specialist will review your information. If the application is missing information, it will be sent back to you requesting the necessary information. You will not be placed on a waitlist until all requested information is submitted.

Once a complete application has been received, our Compliance Specialist will determine your eligibility and a letter will be mailed to your household either accepting or denying your application.

  • If accepted, you will be placed on a waitlist for each property selected effective the date our office received your completed application. It is important that you update our office with any changes in contact information, income or any other household changes.
  • If denied, you will receive a letter explaining the reason for denial and outlining our appeal process. If you receive a denial letter and would like to request an appeal, you must contact our office within the deadline given in the denial letter. Requests after the deadline will not be accepted and you will need to submit a new application. Our office will schedule your appeal within 5 days of the meeting request. Staff will further explain the appeal process during the appeal meeting.
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