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Homebuyer Education Workshops & Counseling

Making the Dream of Homeownership Your Reality
Planning to purchase your first home? Not sure what your credit score is, or what you can afford? Whether you have already found the home you want to buy, or just starting to think of buying a home, RuralEdge‘s Homebuyer Education (HBE) class offers newcomers much needed and helpful tips for navigating the difficult and challenging home buying process.

The Class

Offered one Saturday every month, our Homebuyer Education Workshops cover the A-Z steps of buying a home, including talking with a lender, purchase and sales, the mortgage process, homeowner’s insurance, the pros and cons of talking with a real estate agent, as well as examining and evaluating your finances.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion and learn about incentives offered by local lenders.

There is a registration fee of $85 per class if students preregister, or $100 at class. (We recommend pre-registration to ensure there is space in the class.)

Click here to register for our Homebuyer Education Workshops.

Classes can also be taken online through eHome America.



Counseling Sessions

RuralEdge’s free HomeOwnership Counseling is the next step for many potential homebuyers who have completed our Homebuyer Education class. After completing the class, students can continue on for a one-on-one counseling session with a HUD approved counselor, while creating a personalized budget, as well as exploring their buying options and examining their (free) credit report.

In these personalized sessions, a trained counselor offers specific counseling aimed at maximizing your credit potential and getting you lender ready by:

  • Examining how certain items on your credit report are factored toward the overall score
  • Documenting account numbers and contact information to pay off crucial items for faster results
  • Inside tips and secrets to eliminate or clean-up bad credit lines
  • Support and guidance on dealing with creditors

In addition to working with you to improve your credit score, counselors will also focus on examining your budget: specifically, tailored calculations as to what you can afford as a down payment on a house and monthly mortgage payment.

We will examine income and savings accounts as part of budgeting for homeownership, while teaching you how to prevent further debt accumulation.

If you have not yet started a savings account, counselors will help you determine how much money you need to save per week or per month in order to attain your goals.

Many individuals who participate in these counseling sessions come away with a new and informed view of their finances and homeownership goals, and feel much more confident about what they can afford and expect from a lender.

Our HomeOwnership Counseling sessions are free for life if you have completed our Homebuyers Education workshop, and since we want you to succeed, we keep in touch with you until you purchase your first home.

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