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RuralEdge is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or stop by our Lyndonville or Newport offices.

General: 802.535.3555
Toll Free: 800.234.0560

Office Locations:
48 Elm Street
Lyndonville, VT 05851

20 Compass Drive
Newport, VT 05855

Send Rent Checks and Applications to :
P.O. Box 86
Lyndonville, VT 05851

Other Mail:
P.O. Box 259
Lyndonville, Vermont 05851

HomeOwnership Center

Diane Thompson, Office Services Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3919
Fax: 802.473.3919

Hannah Simons, Loan Fund Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3916
Fax: 802.473.3916

Michelle Walker, HomeOwnership Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3917
Fax: 802.473.3917

Michael Masure, Rehab Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3918
Fax: 802.473.3918

Mandy Chapman, HomeOwnership Director
Direct Line: 802.473.3923
Fax: 802.473.3923

Community Engagement

Sarah Kenney, Community Engagement Coordinator
Direct Line: 802.473.3156
Fax: 802.473.3156

Real Estate Development

Becky Masure, Real Estate & Asset Manager
Direct Line: 802.357.4618
Fax: 802.357.4618

Bob Hansen, Real Estate & Asset Manager
Direct Line: 802.535.3614
Fax: 802.535.3614

Kate Buonnano, Project Support Specialist
Direct Line: 802.378.4480
Fax: 802.378.4480

Property Management

Robin Messier, Office Administrator (North)
Direct Line: 802.473.3921
Fax: 802.473.3921

Jessica Flynn, Compliance Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3912
Fax: 802.473.3912

Erin McMullen, Compliance Specialist
Direct Line: 802.473.3937
Fax: 802.473.3937

Barry Waldner, Resident Accounts Specialist
Direct Line: 802.386.2553
Fax: 802.386.2553

Dale Gilman, Property Manager (South)
Direct Line: 802.357.4623
Fax: 802.357.4623

Lisa Call, Property Manager (South)
Direct Line: 802.357.4453
Fax: 802.357.4453

Theresa Perron, Property Manager (South)
Direct Line: 802.357.4621
Fax: 802.357.4621

Ryan Holt, Property Manager (North)
Direct Line: 802.357.4622
Fax: 802.357.4622

Brandi Stone, Property Manager (North)
Direct Line: 802.771.9123
Fax: 802.771.9123

Iris Gilbert, Assistant Director of Compliance
Direct Line: 802.473.3093
Fax: 802.473.3093


Sylvia Dean, SASH Coordinator
Direct Line: 802.736.9491
Fax: 802.736.9491

Robin Burnash, SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800.234.0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Doreen Lyon, SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800.234.0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Danielle Greenwood, Lead SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800.234.0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Melinda Gervais-Lemoureux, SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800-234-0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Kim Russell, SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800.234.0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Christine Wheeler, SASH Coordinator
Toll Free: 800.234.0560
Fax: 802.736.9491

Gary Chester, Director of Supportive Housing
Direct Line: 802.378.4354
Fax: 802.736.9491

Senior Staff

Patrick Shattuck, Executive Director
Direct Line: 802.473.3925
Fax: 802.473.3925

Brian Pickard, Deputy Director
Direct Line: 802.227.0317
Fax: 802.227.0317

Diana Cazaudumec, Finance Director
Direct Line: 802.378.4478
Fax: 802.378.4478

Board Members

Louise Bonvechio (President)

Seleem Choudhury (Vice-President)

Tim O’Neill (Treasurer)

Patricia Sears (Secretary)

Victoria Strong

Scott Campbell

Rev. Jeffrey Potter