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Resident Leadership

It’s important to us that our residents enjoy living at our properties, and feel engaged and safe in their homes.

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RuralEdge knows that tenants who are involved have a better sense of pride and ownership, so we created Resident Councils as a way for members to organize and tackle issues and ideas head on. Additionally, we’ve found that residents who are engaged and fill our leadership roles are inspired to become more involved in the larger Northeast Kingdom community, going on to have a broader impact through grassroots leadership.

Our Resident Councils throw gatherings for their building, coordinate fundraising for beautification projects, begin residential composting, and enact change throughout their properties.

Our ultimate goal is to have our residents be the leaders in their own buildings, and also leaders in their small communities, taking the skills they learn from their council post and using them to help the NEK as a whole.

Please contact us to learn more about our resident councils.

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