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With such a strong focus on energy conservation and sustainability, RuralEdge achieved Green Organization Designation status with NeighborWorks® of America in 2013, a position shared by only 61 of 235 total NeighborWorks® partners.

While our company uses energy efficient office equipment, recycles, composts, and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, our commitment goes deeper than basic green policies, extending into our development, counseling and property ventures.

  • Real Estate Development is tasked with not just acquiring and building new properties, but also rehabilitating existing buildings within the RuralEdge portfolio. That means, one by one, our housing is not just becoming more green, but also more affordable. Many properties are Energy Star® rated, meeting federal standards for low and efficient energy use, with an eye toward green appliances and structural applications like venting, insulation, passive solar design and solar-assisted hot-water.
  • Our HomeOwnership Center strives to educate and raise consumer awareness of individual environmental impact through our Homebuyer Education program. Participants receive information that saves them money while reducing their energy footprint and conserving water, allowing them to make healthy decisions for their families.
  • RuralEdge maintains a “Green Team,” consisting of employees and community members that meet once a month to continue our journey toward energy efficiency. Members of this team are also responsible for the education of both our residents and our employees. We regularly hold “Lunch and Learn” sessions, which give RuralEdge employees the chance to learn about environmental issues like the tar sands, tiny houses and green energy methods.

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