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Community Engagement

As a NeighborWorks® organization, we are committed to creating opportunities that allow residents to improve their lives and strengthen communities, and one of the best ways to do that is to get involved.

Whether working with the community at large, or focusing on individual Resident Councils at our properties, RuralEdge strives to make our neighborhoods positive and enjoyable places to live through education, communication, partnership and participation.

We collaborate with many local community agencies, like Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Area Agency on Aging, Vermont Department of Economic Services, and NEKCA, working toward common goals of providing comprehensive support services for the people of the Northeast Kingdom.

Additionally, RuralEdge encourages Resident Councils at many of our properties, where we meet with members once a month to listen to our residents, find out what they’re enjoying, and what they would like to see improved. It’s important to us that our residents feel that it’s safe and enjoyable to live in our housing, and we’re here as a resource to help councils coordinate gatherings, beautify their properties, and provide guidance if there are any bumps in the road.

As an integral part of the larger Northeast Kingdom community, RuralEdge also seeks to raise awareness and create a more positive community for all NEK residents.

    • NeighborWorks Week is the benchmark of our outreach program, serving as the biggest volunteer week of the year, as the whole company participates in planting community gardens and neighborhood beautification projects.
    • Many local residents will recognize our hand in bringing Santa to our Darling Inn property in Lyndonville – an event which attracts more than 200 people.
    • Food scarcity and homelessness are two issues tackled in our annual Rural Reality campaign, while events like Warmth for Winter focus on the need for quality cold weather clothing.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our community outreach efforts, or visit the volunteer page if you would like to participate in our work.

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