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Commercial Development

Since creating community stabilization and sustainability are key factors in RuralEdge‘s mission, it should come as no surprise that one of the pillars of our company is to acquire and develop commercial real estate.

Whether through storefronts across the region, like Boxcar and Caboose or Podo Shoes in St. Johnsbury, or crucial community access services, like the Kinney Drugs pharmacy in Barton, RuralEdge is committed to creating community-minded and quality work space.

We recognize that buildings with first-floor retail space and above -floor residents are mutually supportive, creating vibrant downtowns with both places for residents to shop, and patrons to support local businesses.

Because of this, we work to acquire, develop, build and lease great spaces that contribute to the neighborhood, and connect with customers and communities.

RuralEdge also offers our professional services to developers who need assistance coordinating funding, designing, constructing, and managing properties.


Contact us to learn more about our commercial development opportunities or rental space.

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